Cartel Teatro de la Zarzuela · 1979 Cartel Teatro de la Zarzuela · 1979


Today, the Ballet Nacional de España (BNE) is facing a new creative period, with various projects under the direction of Antonio Najarro, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of Spain  in April 2011. 

The BNE is, among the projects of the National Institute for the Stage Arts and Music, one of the most known in the world, as ambassador of the Spanish culture. Founded by the Theatre and Entertainment General Direction of the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 1978, with the name of Ballet Nacional Español and with Antonio Gades as its first Artistic Director (1978-1980), the BNE has been directed by Antonio (Ruiz Soler) (1980-1983), María de Ávila (1983-1986), José Antonio (1986-1992), Aurora Pons, Nana Lorca y Victoria Eugenia (1993-1997), Aída Gómez (1998-2001), Elvira Andrés (2001-2004) and José Antonio (his second time 2004 - 2011).

The Ballet has evolved in accordance with the new times and has known how to preserve its interest in all styles of Spanish dance, performing choreographies such as those of Escuela Bolera, flamenco and stylized Spanish dance. On the other hand, it has combined tradition and modernity, not forgetting main aspects as training and performing new projects. 

During its 35 years, it has performed, in the most renowned theatres in the world, emblematic works as José Granero's “Medea”, Mariema's “Danza y Tronío”,  Alberto Lorca's “Ritmos”, José Antonio's “Fandango de Soler”, Antonio's and José Antonio's versions of “El Sombrero de Tres Picos”, Pilar López's “El Concierto de Aranjuez”, and Antonio Gades's “Bodas de Sangre” and “Fuenteovejuna”. 

The Ballet Nacional de España has been internationally acclaimed by audience and critics, obtaining various awards, such as Critics´ Prize for the Best Foreign Show during the 1988 season at the New York Metropolitan, the Japanese Critics´ Prize in 1991, the Critics´ Prize for the Best Spectacle at the Bellas Artes Theatre in Mexico City in 1994, a prize awarded by the Spanish newspaper, El País for “Poeta”, in 1999, and the Critics’ Prize as well as the Prize awarded by the audience at the VI Festival de Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), in 2002, for the choreography of “Fuenteovejuna” by Antonio Gades.

In 2008 and 2010, the BNE has obtained the “Awards Teatro de Rojas (Toledo)”  to the Best Dancing Performance, given by the audience, and in August 2010, the Cante de las Minas La Unión ’ International Festival has given to the Ballet Nacional de España the Stage Arts Extraordinary Prize, because its magnificent contribution to the preservation and diffusion of the best flamenco.

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