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Gabriel Georgio


Meet the team


With his father, José 'el de la Tomasa', his grandparents, Tomasa Sólo Díaz and Manuel Georgio Gutiérrez, he started to learn about the roots and essence of cante flamenco (singing). He moved to Madrid, where he has been a member of several companies like Rafael Amargo, Joaquín Cortés, or Ángel Rojas.

In 2008, he performed with his father for the first time in De la misma sangre, a family and intergenerational cante show included in the XV Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. The show was performed again in 2009 at Mont de Marsan International Festival, in France.

Throughout his career he has worked with professional artists like Miguel 'El Funi', Esperanza Fernández, Carmen Ledesma, Tony' “El Pelao', Pilar Orgalla, Andrés Peña, José Maya, Joaquín Cortés, Antonio Canales, Rafaela Carrasco, Farruquito and Juana Amaya.

He has been a member of the Ballet Flamenco Andaluz, under the directorship of Rafaela Carrasco, and has also been in charge of programming of the Casa Patas tablao flamenco in Madrid, the Flamenco Festival in Antwerp and the Festival de Mont de Marsan. In 2016, he premiered his show Cantándole a la Alameda at the Bienal de Sevilla. At present, he collaborates with the company of Antonio Canales and La Lupi.

He has been cantaor at the Ballet Nacional de España since 2016.