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Children and Families

We are aware of the importance of education. That is why to create new audiences we have focused our efforts on the youngest ones.

We design communication tools, strategies to approach children and, through specific studies, we evaluate the results of both actions.

 Bailando un Tesoro, the book

Our first tool was to publish an illustrated children’s book about the Ballet Nacional de España and Spanish Dance with the aim of telling children what the BNE is and the different styles that make up Spanish Dance. (watch video).

This was the first time the company published a book targeted to children, an illustrated, didactic publication that was very well-received becoming a best seller in Amazon dance section in the first months. We are publishing the third edition this year.

Bailando un tesoro, the videogame!

Nowadays, videogames are used to teach mainly technical subjects, not so much to teach humanities, and seldom arts.

The BNE developed a groundbreaking educational videogame aimed at children so that from a very early age they can learn about Spanish Dance and the Ballet Nacional de España through a game. We chose an approach that suited the present through a powerful communication tool. Only on the day it was presented, we had 80,000,000 interactions on social networks and the media. (Watch video).

Through the videogame we make Spanish Dance known and encourage an interest to learn it by using new technologies with which children can develop their intellectual and motor skills. If you want to know how the project was developed, click here (See document)

#BNE nos cuenta

In the wake of the good results obtained with the videogame Bailando un tesoro for children, we have continued to work in new technological learning projects, this time using augmented reality.

The BNE has released a new collection of Spanish Dance booklets called BNE nos cuenta. Each booklet deals with a specific area of Spanish Dance in a digital project that brings together a traditional written text and augmented reality technology.

The booklets come in hard copies and can also be downloaded for free with the BNE nos cuenta mobile application, which is available for Apple and Android, and on the BNE website.

In the paper booklets and after downloading the application on your mobile phone, certain pages, marked with a castanet, can be enjoyed in augmented reality.

The first booklet of this collection, Escuela Bolera, was published in March 2020 and was presented in the programme “El Ballet Nacional de España al cole en gira” at the Festival de Jerez.

BNE nos cuenta booklet collection:

               -La Escuela Bolera (download pdf).

               -Antonio Ruiz Soler para jóvenes (download pdf).

               -Flamenco (download pdf).

Cuadernos de la Colección #BNEnoscuenta lectura fácil:

               -La Escuela Bolera. Lectura fácil (download pdf).

               -Antonio Ruiz Soler para jóvenes. Lectura fácil (download pdf).

               -Flamenco. Lectura fácil (download pdf).

               -La Bella Otero. Lectura fácil (descargar pdf).