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De lo flamenco ( © Javier Fergo)

De lo flamenco

Premiered on 7 March 2020 by the Ballet Nacional de España at the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez.


  • Mario Maya

The Ballet Nacional de España wishes to pay tribute to dancer and choreographer Mario Maya (1937-2008), one of the great masters of Spanish dance, who despite being a creator of a unique style of his own had not been included in our repertoire.

“Questioning traditional thought is always the starting point to gain new knowledge. Cultural tradition has to persevere in a vigorous, constant process to keep its status of ‘art’ and adapt it to the new social needs and conditions. Deep socioeconomic and cultural changes encourage me to seek new forms of expression as the only way to avoid the decay into folklore merchandise.  Art is no ritualised memory. Art is a conception of life and a symbolic challenge to man. “Beat plus shout or shouting on beat”.


The Ballet Nacional de España pays tribute to Mario Maya, a brilliant bailaor, choreographer, and master who passed away in 2008. Mario Maya is a leading figure in the world of Spanish dance because of his genius and sensitivity. A groundbreaking artist, he staged bold productions and created an artistic school that includes registros of dancer and bailaor at the same time.

De lo flamenco is defined as a flamenco suite that portrays Mario Maya’s own style, who in 1994 founded the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, present-day Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. The programme Mario Maya premiered that year was a leap forward, a breath of fresh air that was different from the flamenco performed up till then. Even now it is still innovative and completely different from anything else.

Master Mario was a tireless researcher in everything to do with this art, a global and Flamenco Teatro Andaluz leading dancer, creator of a unique, very personal style. That’s why, I believe that the Ballet Nacional de España had to include one of his works in its repertoire


Artistic sheet

Advisor: Mariana Ovalle
Costume: Mario Maya
Costume Painter: Juan Andrés Amaya
Design and lighting adaptation: Ginés Caballero (AAI) and Felipe Ramos
Scene maker: Readest S.L.
Sound: Rafael Pipio and Ángel Olalla
Costume Maker: López de Santos (Women’s Costumes and Men’s Costume in Romance del emplazado)
Shoes: Gallardo
Répétiteurs: Rafaela Carrasco, Manuel Betanzos and Isabel Bayón


  1. Introducción percusión
    Choreographer: Mario Maya
    Music: Mario Maya

    Oliva y naranja

Choreographer: Mario Maya; Milagros Menjibar (batas de cola)
Music: Diego Carrasco
Text: Salvador de Madariaga

Silbo de la llaga perfecta

Choreographer: Mario Maya
Music: Diego Carrasco
Text: Miguel Hernández

  1. Romance del emplazado (World premiere)

Choreographer: Rafaela Carrasco
Music: Jesús Torres
Text: Federico García Lorca

  1. Nana de colores
    Choreographer: A. Rueda “Toná”
    Music: Diego Carrasco and Moraito Chico

Cinco toreros
Choreographer: Manolo Marín
Music: Diego Carrasco and Moraito Chico
Text: Julio Carlos González Lancero


  1. Quisiera ser
    Choreographer: Mario Maya
    Music: Los del Río
    Musical adaptation: Jesús Torres
    Choreography adaptation: Manuel Betanzos

  2. Valparaiso
    Choreographer: Mario Maya
    Music: Jesús Torres
    Texts: M. Balmaceda

Taranto (World premiere)
Choreographer: Isabel Bayón
Music: Jesús Torres

  1. Suelta el pavo
    Choreographer: Mario Maya
    Music: Diego Carrasco
    Text: Diego Carrasco
  2. Undibel

Choreographer: Mario Maya
Music: Diego Carrasco