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Invocación bolero (©Javier Fergo)

Invocación bolera

World premiere by the Ballet Nacional de España on 7 March 2020 at the Teatro Villamarta. Festival de Jerez.


  • Rubén Olmo


It is a newly created choreography by Rubén Olmo. Apart from being one of the few recent compositions in this style, it is also a tribute to the great masters who set down the guidelines to be followed in Escuela Bolera, from Ángel Pericet to Mariemma or Antonio el Bailarín.

Invocación bolera updates the essence of the traditional escuela bolera. It emerged in Spain in the 18th century out of the combination of Andalusian popular dances and academic dances. It is one of the most distinctive, complex, and unique styles of Spanish dance, characterized by the use of castanets.

The music is also a contemporary original composition specific for this piece, a commission from the Ballet Nacional de España to the young Sevillian composer and conductor Manuel Busto.


The costumes for Invocación bolera are a handmade work of art that is rich and complex because of the handcrafted laces, embroideries, and thread work. The design is by Pedro Moreno, who created them for José Antonio Ruiz’s choreography Fandango del Padre Soler, premiered by the Ballet Nacional de España in 1988. Pedro Soler was also tasked with adapting the designs for Invocación bolera.

Artistic sheet

Music: Manuel Busto
Music recording: Orquesta de Extremadura, conducted by Manuel Busto.
Lighting: Ginés Caballero (AAI) and Felipe Ramos.
Costume designer: Pedro Moreno.
Women’s Costume Maker: Ana Lacoma.
Men’s Costume Maker: Sastrería González.
Costume Readaptation: Victoria Domingo and Milagros González.
Shoes: Maty.